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My name is Anastasia Elkjær and I'm a young artist. Drawing and painting have always been a natural thing for me to do. I enjoy contributing to other's happiness, peace and understanding through my art. With a brush in my hand I have unlimited possibilities to create just about anything I desire. I can express my soul and make my inner pictures into something physical. I can create what the eye otherwise doesn't see.

I experiment with a lot of different materials and techniques. Everything from pencil, ink, coal, watercolor, acryl, oil, pastels, and digital. The motives varies from pet portraits, to spirit animals and paintings made from animal telepathy. The animals, and especially the horses, have always had a special place in my heart and that can be seen in my art. To see a happy owner getting a portrait of their very own beloved horse, or a heartbroken owner who just lost their animal finding relief in getting a painting made from animal telepathy. That's what makes my work so meaningful to me.

Take a look around on the site to read more about meto have a look in my gallery or to see what I offer on the page order. I hope you will enjoy your stay on my site and give yourself permission to breathe in the magic of the animals.

– Anastasia



Mathilde Denning

Mathilde Denning

"Anastasia has a wonderful, unique ability to create pictures, paintings and creative works that mirror exactly what your soul needs. With love and patience she recreates the most beautiful moments, and the finest messages, that shines so brightly through her pictures, that I always get humble by the sight. There is no doubt that she is the greatest artist I know, who works from the power of her heart."

Nicoline Hjorth Hansen

Nicoline Hjorth Hansen

"When my horse, Blika, had to leave the earth in physical form, there were messages from her that were important to get out. I got lead to Anastasia who showed a great understanding of the whole situation. It all felt so right and Blika's message got embraced perfectly, expressed perfectly and in the most beautiful way. It's all so pure and I still get tears in my eyes when I look at the painting. I feel the message and Blika so much when I look at it. All her big and small messages that are hidden in it. This will always be my memorial and the place where I can connect to her beautiful soul.

I am happy and thankful that I got led to Anastasia. This is the purest access to Blika. Here I can feel her soul the most clearly, even though she is still with me in my daily life. Here I can always get contact to her and feel her overwhelming love. Deep from my heart, thank you, this means everything to me."

Winnie Stubkjær Laursen

Winnie Stubkjær Laursen

"Anastasia is educated through me (deklogedyr.dk). In extension to that, and her art, I asked her if she would communicate with my beloved teacher, Shinto, and hear if he had anything he wanted to pass on to me. Anastasia started painting and I waited with excitement and happiness. Now I have a 3 part painting hanging where I see it every day - and it is beautiful, powerful and healing. Thank you from Shinto and me. You are amazing!"

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