Drawing from your wish

Get a portrait of your animal, your spirit animal or something third. You can let your fantasy loose, as I've tried a little bit of everything by now. Even if you only have a weak idea of what kind of drawing you wish for, I'm right here to gladly help you and guide you, so that you get your dream idea down on paper.

A personal drawing can also be the ideal gift idea for a person that stands close to your heart. Either where you decide the motive or as a gift card.

Typically I make thee drawings with watercolor on watercolor paper, but it is also possible with pastel, acrylic, oil and more, depending on your wish. 

How it works
  • You contact me without binding yourself to anything and we talk about how your wish could be made in the best possible way. Depending on the size, materials and more I'll find a suiting price for you.
  • You pay half of the price and I start drawing. I'll give you an approximate date on when I'm finished and then all you have to do is wait in excitement for your very own drawing!
Prices from 45 EUR
Painting from telepathy

I create a unique painting for you, in collaboration with your beloved animal. I feel the essence of your animal and your connection to each other through telepathic communication. I get messages from your animal to you and get guides as to how the painting should look. You never know what your animal has in store for you, so it is always a loving surprise.

I usually make my paintings with oil paint on canvas, finishing it off with a layer of varnish. But other options are possible as well, so let me know if you have any special wishes.

How it works
  • You contact me with your thoughts and wishes for your painting and together we find the solution that fits you the best. All I need for the telepathy is a picture of your animal friend.
  • I make contact to your animal. Afterwards I send you a summary from the communication, as well as a digital sketch of the painting for you to approve.
  • You pay half the price and I start painting. I give you the approximate date of when the painting is finished and now all you have to do is wait in excitement for your own special painting.
Prices from 165 EUR

It is extremely important to me that my customers are happy. Should you, against expectations, be unsatisfied with the work I've made, I'll give you a full refund. No hard feelings ðŸ˜‡

Contact me for a noncommittal offer