About me 

My name is Anastasia Elkjær and I am a young artist from 1998. Since 2016 I live on Fejø, a small Danish island. I live here with my family and animals. I have always been taking my own path in life. In 7th grade I dropped out of school and haven't been back since. Instead I seek to develop myself in other ways and try to combine my many different interests in the best way possible.

Ever since I was a child the animals had a very special place in my heart. I got drawn to their straightforwardness and the way they made me feel like they understood me. Especially the horses caught me, with their authentic and free being. It's also them whom I can thank for getting into art for real. It started as small digital drawings and transformed to drawings in hand, paintings and photography from there.

In 2012 I heard about animal telepathy for the first time. It almost sounded too good to be true. Could I really learn to talk to the animals? The answer is yes! Of course. I believe that we are all born with that skill, but that we to a smaller or bigger extent forget it as we grow older and don't acknowledge it. To discover telepathy really opened a whole new world to me.

As a child I wanted to become a vet - I wanted to help the animals. But I quickly discovered that it wasn't as a vet I wanted to help them. Instead I saw the telepathy as a beautiful way to be of service and saw that it is usually the humans who need help, and not the animals. That is one of the reasons why I see it as a big gift to be able to work as a bridge between species. To pass on the animal's wisdom to the benefit of all. To get back to the straightforward and authentic in my art.



I love to learn and have among other things taken an education in ethical animal telepathy made by Winnie Stubkjær Laursen and am a certified coach from Mindjuice.



Photographer of the book "Sådan bliver hesten din bedste ven" by Kaja Wennich Christoffersen and Sølvi Degnegaard, published the 1st of September 2015

Photographer and illustrator to the book "Vejen til hestens hjerte – og dit eget" by Marianne Florman and Mathilde Denning, published the 11th of May 2017