How my painting saved a life

When I was younger I went to Russia each summer to visit my grandparents. Sometimes we would visit a church nearby. Beside the church was a small store, where they sold things like icons and crosses.

I was 12 years old, when I one day found myself in there. I happened to talk to one of the women who worked there and we had a nice conversation. Somehow we started to talk about my paintings. She asked me if I could make a small painting for her. I agreed and promised to come back next summer with a painting for her.

I kept my promise. When I came back to Russia the following year, the summer of 2012, my mother bought me the supplies and I started to paint. I had to figure out what I wanted to paint. Intuitively it came to me, that I had to make a unicorn for her. A unicorn lighting up the night sky. I had no idea why, but later it made a lot of sense…

I finished the painting and we went to the church to give it to the woman. But to our surprise, we got told that she didn’t work there anymore. Quite dissappointed, we were about to leave, as one of the women stopped us. She told us that the woman I made the painting for still visited the church now and then. I decided to trust them and left my painting there. We wrote a small note with an explanation and my grandmothers phone number and left the church.

I didn’t hear anything for quite some time. Until one day, when my grandmother called. What she told me, blew my mind away. The woman had called my grandmother back and was so immensely grateful.

The matter of the fact was, that her husband had passed. One night she had a dream. A unicorn came to her and took her on it’s back. They flew to a long staircase, going high up in the sky. At the top of the stairs was a huge, closed gate. And outside of it, her husband was sitting. Unable to enter. With the help of the unicorn, they opened the gate and behind it was all of the husbands relatives, who had also passed. They had a happy reunion and finally her husband got to the place he belonged. That gave the woman a great sense of serenity.

A couple of years had passed and the woman was going through a really hard time. She felt how her life was slowly falling apart. Everything went wrong. She was close to hitting rock bottom. That was when she came to the church and they handed her the painting I had left for her. She was speechless when she saw it. The unicorn was exactly like the one she had seen in her dreams.

She was so thankful for the painting. It was timed so perfectly. It got her up from that deep dark hole and helped her regain her faith in life again. She was supported and the unicorn came to her once again, to remind her of that. Slowly things started to get better again.

When I sit down now and write this, it almost seems unbelievable to me. But it did really happen. And it helps me to trust that everything happens for a reason. Magic truly excists.

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